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Coctel de Camarones
Mexican prawns, clam and tomato juice
Red onion, jicama, cilantro and avocado
Fried blue corn tortilla chips

Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Cumin, coriander, sherry, pepitas and crema
*Served in espresso cups

Albondigas en Chipotle
Beef and pork meatballs
Chipotle tomato sauce


Cactus Salad – Ensalada de Nopales
Avocado, radish, tomao
Lime, cilantro and queso fresco


Yucatan Grilled Chicken
Achiote paste, cumin, orange and grapefruit
Pickled red onions and corn tortillas

Black Beans and Rice
Avocado leaves, bay leaf and garlic


Tres Leches Cake
Bruléed bananas, whipped cream