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Chicken Bastilla
Cilantro, almonds and cinnamon
Traditional feuille de brick dough

Eggplant Kefta
Grilled eggplant, feta, cumin and paprika
Cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce

Potato Maakouda
Savory potato fritters
Charmoula sauce (Parsley, cilantro, smoked paprika and cumin)


Herb-Crusted Flatbread – Khobz
Apricot Chutney – garlic, cayenne, currant, and ginger
Muhammara – red pepper, pomegranate and walnut


Lamb Tagine
Preserved lemon, green olive, coriander and apricot
Toasted couscous

Harissa-Roasted Vegetables
Cauliflower and winter squash
Cumin, lemon, chili and garlic


Spiced Date Cake
Warm toffee sauce, roast apples