Makes approximately 1 ½ cups


2 cups 2% milk (if using whole milk, use 1 ½ c whole milk and ½ cup water)
1 tsp soy lecithin
½ cup roughly chopped smoked salmon
½ tsp minced garlic
Bowl of ice


Combine the milk, smoked salmon, garlic, and soy lecithin in a saucepan; scald the milk and make sure the smoked salmon flavor is infused. Remove from heat and pour into a bowl resting on top of an ice bowl to form an ice bath. Let the mixture sit for 30 minutes so that the smoked salmon steep into the liquid and also cools down. Pour liquid into a 1 quart measuring cup, blend and froth with an immersion blender until foam develops. There may be light splattering so covering the cup with plastic wrap will help the splatter as well as still making it possible to see to liquid turn into foam.

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