Our professional-grade kitchen and renovated entertainment space is commonly utilized as a corporate event space in San Francisco. Our open space and custom touches are beautiful and inviting. Huge windows bring in natural light for day events and display city lights for activities at night. The attention to detail makes the space feel intimate and special, a true gem among Bay Area corporate event venues.

Our corporate event space is flexible. Clients have done events as simple as a dinner party, to activities as creative as edible architecture and cooking competitions. While our custom farm tables seat up to 40 guests, we have also hosted strolling dinner parties – similar to a cocktail party but with the same amount of food served at a dinner – for up to 65 guests. Our centralized location in San Francisco is easily accessible for large groups from across the Bay Area.

Because offsite meetings often cultivate fresh ideas and help enhance productivity and focus, our corporate groups sometimes arrange for our “meet then eat” format where we host a meeting in a nearby meeting space before the party begins. There are also several meeting spaces in our building that are brighter and more interesting than the old conference room.  After your meeting, walk down the hall to the Hands On Gourmet kitchen for some fun.  We can assist you with all meeting logistics and set up.

While Hands On Gourmet boasts one of the trendiest corporate event venues in the Bay Area, we are also a completely mobile operation. From wineries to private residences HOG can set up and produce an event almost anywhere.