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Tuna Poke
Sushi grade yellow fin tuna
Sesame, sweet onion, soy sauce
Edamame, wakame and hijiki seaweed

Filipino spring rolls
Mung bean sprouts, green beans and cabbage
Sugar cane vinegar, black pepper and garlic

Huli-Huli Chicken Skewers
Pineapple, ginger, red onion
Brown sugar and sesame


Fresh Kimchi
Napa cabbage, daikon radish and green onion
Ginger, miso and chili paste


BBQ Beef Short Ribs
Asian pear, gochujang and sesame
Steamed rice

Garlic Long Beans
Garlic, ginger and crushed chili

Mac Salad
Mayonnaise, onion and carrot


Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Whipped coconut cream

*Vegan/Vegetarian and Gluten-Free options available