Spectacular news!

Hands on Gourmet (HOG) is back in action and ready to host our super fun indoor cooking party events for groups of 30 or less. Celebrate your next milestone birthday, reunite your remote workers for a team offsite, or just come together again with loved ones for a fun indoor group activity.

Had enough Zoom to last a lifetime?!?

An in-person event is a great way to reconnect with colleagues, loved ones and friends. It’s something that screen time just can’t replicate. Do something creative and delicious with your precious time together. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on enjoying each other.

Your own private dining room!

Our spacious dining space boasts panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and is the perfect alternative to indoor restaurant dining. And with exclusive access to our space, your bubble will be safe in our bubble! :)

Learn more about our safety measures, our event formats, and how it works.


Got ventilation?

With 12 East and South facing windows & 18 feet high ceilings our event space might very well be the next best thing to being outside.

Safety and sanitation?

We got that! Before every event, surfaces and touch points are thoroughly sanitized. All tools, knives, cutlery, glasses are only used once then immediately go into our industrial-grade high temperature dishwasher. We require that you wear a mask in our space whenever you aren’t drinking or eating.

Someone in your group that’s a little on the fence?

We totally understand and will bend over backwards to make them feel at ease. In these cases we highly recommend our “hands off” demo events, details below.

Event Format

Hands on Gourmet has traditionally hosted corporate team building cooking events and group activities. We are currently offering both “hands on” & “hands off” open kitchen demo style events.

Hands on events

These events resemble the types of cooking events we’re famous for hosting. We do all the set up and make it easy for you to have an immersive, interactive culinary experience. Guided by our expert chefs, you participate in making the meal, then enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Hands off open kitchen demonstrations

We understand that some folks might not be ready to jump into interactive events. Your group also has the option of our demo style events where we do all the cooking and you do all the eating and laughing while learning all about the food and drink you’re about to enjoy.

How It (Now) Works

Menu, good food, and fun!

  • Determine whether you prefer a sit-down meal or our strolling (small plates) format. Our 32 foot farm table can safely and comfortably accommodate 16 to 20 guests, whereas for groups bigger than 20, our strolling (small plates) format works best.
  • Pick from one of our current menus (we can accommodate most dietary restrictions) or pick a theme. Then the ever-charming head Chef Stevo will curate a personalized menu based on preferences and dietary restrictions. Either way, all food is fresh and prepared with happiness.
  • Upon entering the space we will direct you to the bar & nosh area where you will spend about 20 minutes catching up with your people.
  • When we’re ready to kick off the cooking, one of our chefs will give an introduction to go over the updated protocols. The “new normal” material will be covered, such as tons of hand washing, masks while cooking (which can be temporarily removed to taste your food or sip your drink), etc.
  • Whether we cook it together or we demo it to you, delicious food will be made!
  • Then you will either sit to dine or head to a designated area where your group can gather to spend quality time together all while eating tasty culinary creations.

What’s Next

Enhanced customer service!

We realize that we are operating in not so normal times so we are here to help you walk through all of the details step by step. No question is too insignificant. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to tellmemore@handsongourmet.com for any need, big or small. Let us know what kind of event would work best for you!