What is culinary team building?

It is the oldest group activity known to mankind.  Cooking together has for millennia been the most natural and effective way to build community and relationships.  When your group gathers to create a gourmet meal together in a casual environment with no pressure, sparks fly, imaginations ignite, relationships strengthen and laughter is heard. The additional reward is immediately enjoying the results of your efforts by dining together with your group.

What are appropriate occasions for corporate culinary team building?

Gathering together to cook and enjoy good food and wine creates a natural and easy way for any group to interact with a common focus. No more nervously standing around the punch bowl!

How do we get a return on our investment?

It is amazing how barriers can be broken when staff at all corporate levels stretch fresh mozzarella together or stuff homemade sausage side-by-side. Team building is not just a crisis activity but a healthy development tool for good teams designed to improve productivity, communication and motivation. The success of most organizations relies on cooperation and building good teams which are enhanced by culinary team building events.

How does our group work together at your events?

At the majority of our events, groups work together at cooking stations under the tutelage of professional chefs to create a gourmet dish together. We can also arrange fun cooking competitions or additional team building exercises or discussions. Find out more about how it works.

Why should we work with Hands On Gourmet?

We’re glad you asked. Find out why Hands On Gourmet is the leading cooking company here. Also take a peek at raves from our clients and what the press has to say.

How do we get started?

Learn more about how it works here. Or, email us or give us a call and we will walk you through the process, creating a custom event that is perfect for your group.