Spectacular news! We are now offering super fun & engaging live virtual cooking classes for team building groups. You can get a feel for the Hands on Gourmet (aka HOG) virtual experience through this video, where we made it super easy and fun for a group to cook Pad Thai together.

How Virtual Events Work

The day before the your virtual cooking class, Hands on Gourmet will deliver ingredient kits with fresh semi-prepared ingredients to your group. On the day of the event, we will host a Zoom session where we all learn about the food (and/or each other) and cook something delicious!

Here’s the detailed process. 

  • Set the date and confirm the time. We currently offer classes that start anywhere between 4-6PM Pacific, Monday-Friday. They run a little over an hour. 
  • Decide what your group will cook together. We are still developing new concepts but what’s been working so far are HOG fan favorites like the following.
    • Pad Thai
    • spring rolls
    • curries
    • Tom Kha (Thai coconut milk soup)
    • sushi
    • pot stickers
    • Filipino chicken adobo
    • empanadas 
    • Yucatan chicken
    • Moroccan bastilla
    • tagines
    • lamb kofta
    • chutneys
    • spice blends
    • steak au poivre with parsnips and buttered fingerlings
    • paella
    • tapas
    • and a whole bunch of sweet things
  • Bottom line– we have a lot to choose from and the Chef is over the moon happy to help you choose the perfect dish for your group. We are happy to accommodate vegetarians and in most cases, gluten allergies. 
  • The kits! We thought that you should spend more time having fun and doing the actual cooking rather than chopping lemongrass, picking herbs and marinating meats and veggies. It takes a lot of time to just make sure that everyone has all of the equipment and ingredients ready to go, so we are doing the heavy lifting for you. We want your event to be thorough, fluid and cooking-focused, so our virtual cooking class comes with ingredients delivered. Alternatively we can ship kits overnight to anyone on the team who lives outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. 
  • Add something nice. In order to cook some of these dishes it would be ideal, but not necessary, to have the tool or cookware on hand that compliments the dish. Wok, sushi mat, paella pan, tortilla press, rolling pin etc. We can help facilitate by including these accessories in the kits or you can send them directly to your guests. 
  • Zoom a zoom zoom. We’ll set up the virtual session.
  • Places, action, camera!!! When we go live our Chef will introduce themselves, go over the list to make sure everyone has what they need, then away we go. Buckle up because you’ll be taking a trip down flavor highway!
  • Après cooking, we can either wrap up and the group can break to eat or we can designate someone from your group to continue the fun.

What’s Next: 

Send an email to tellmemore@handsongourmet.com for pricing, to book your event and to hear the joke of the day. For real! 😊