Hands On Gourmet (or HOG, as we affectionately like to call ourselves) is located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. We host team building and private events in our beautiful home kitchen overlooking the SF Bay, as well as satellite locations throughout the Bay Area. We are an instant, easy and fun solution for companies looking to create a memorable team building experience. We transfer guests out of their everyday roles and into the camaraderie of the kitchen. Working together with a common goal of creating a delicious, nourishing meal isn’t just fun, it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Stephen Gibbs: Executive Chef

“Who knew thirteen years ago when we started HOG out of our garage the business would become what it is today. I feel very grateful to have had the support from everyone who has helped us along the way from extraordinary dish crews, incredibly talented chefs to our attentive office team. I’ve cooked at a bunch of great restaurants, had amazing mentors and have never looked back. I love what we do in a way that keeps me constantly inspired and challenged.”

Molly Fuller: President

“We set the bar high for what people expect when they bring a group to visit with us, that they will learn, be entertained and connect with one another; these interactions go beyond the cuisine in front of them. At our events, I see smiles, hear laughter, and watch people dialogue with our chefs in ways that, in my heart of hearts, I believe improves our world.”

Marielisa Villasenor: Operations

“An adventuresome spirit with a love for exploring different cultures via their food. I have spent my life traveling and tasting my way around the world. Currently managing Culinary Operations, I got my start at HOG as a chef and quickly became known for my baking abilities. But don’t let my love for baking fool you, I’m also a certified Holistic Health Coach and can often be found making sauerkraut and other healthy fermentations.”

Inken Chrisman: Events

“I love everything about food. Its ability to nourish, transport, and especially bring people together. After years in the corporate world, I ventured to culinary school in 2009 and have been working in the food industry ever since. I’ve developed, tested, and tasted(!) countless recipes, and contributed to over 15 cookbooks. I’m thrilled to be at HOG, where I get to marry my passion for food with my business background. At home, I enjoy feeding my ravenous son, (shamefully) picky daughter, grateful husband, and vacuum cleaner/yellow lab.”

HOG Chef Team

Hands On Gourmet works with over 30 chefs who are also involved with local restaurants, food companies, culinary schools and personal chef companies. Our diverse group has an enormous range of culinary experience and varied expertise. One common thread is their passion for high quality, fresh, authentic food and a desire to share their passion for cooking.