Everyone’s needs are a little different, therefore, all of our events are a little different. The core format is groups come together, cook alongside professional chefs and then eat together. There are many variations that happen from there.

SMALL PLATES + STROLLING DINNER is an interactive and collaborative event with a menu full of a variety of different textures and flavors. Look at a sample menu to get an idea of the type of food we can do here.  It’s more like a cocktail party, but with the same amount of food as you have at dinner.  This format is ideal for groups of 50 or more.
TEAM-BUILDING + DINNER PARTY After everyone has arrived, the hosts will do some introductions, and then we introduce our chefs and provide a brief orientation. Guests then gather into cooking teams. We will have prepared cooking stations for each dish, where all the ingredients are prepped and ready, and a chef is standing by to instruct and encourage. The cooking, which is very interactive and fun, lasts about one to one and a half hours. After that, the guests take their seats or mingle and enjoy the feast they have created. We do all of the clean-up.  Events are 3 hours long start to finish.
MEET THEN EAT  Need to take care of business stuff before rolling up your sleeves and having some fun? Let us help you with that.  There are several meeting spaces in our building that are brighter and more interesting than the old conference room.  After your meeting, walk down the hall to the Hands On Gourmet kitchen and for some fun.  We can assist you with all meeting logistics and set up.
AT A WINERY  Cook and dine at one of our venues in wine country or even in the city at an urban winery. Take advantage of the location and add a vineyard tour, a wine tasting or even a meeting with a wine-maker.
MIXOLOGY Now we’re getting serious.  Spend an evening learning about how food and drink mix and match. Choose your spirit, wine or beer and we’ll work with you to create a delicious menu to accompany it.  Here are some combinations to whet your appetite: Pisco Sours and Peruvian food, Mojitos and Cuban food, Sicilian wine and Italian food, the possibilities are endless.  Here’s what it looks like.
COOKING COMPETITION That’s right, who has what it takes? The goal is for the group come up with a dish from the ingredients they have to work with – assorted vegetables, condiments, tools and a main protein. There are no recipes. We’ll have it set up so the items on each station will have the tools and ingredients to create a balanced dish. For example: sushi rice and mats or Gyoza wrappers for Japan. Skewers, meat and veggies or pad Thai noodles and woks for Thailand. Masa dough and tortilla presses for Mexico and pizza dough or composed veggie salad for Italy.
There will be one HOG chef per each station. They will act as a liaison to the group. Their role is to help facilitate the cooking process and answer yes and no questions. The chef will also have some information/factoid regarding to the cuisine, such as how fish sauce is made or when the sushi roll was invented.Now do a victory dance and then sit down to share the meal together.
GINGERBREAD HOUSE CONTEST  Each team has a pre-made ginger bread house kit that includes sides, panels, and royal frosting in piping bags for glue.  In addition there are extra walls, hard candy, edible garnish, and Exacto knives.  Here’s where the fun begins. The challenge is to take the supplies and make spectacular architecture. Lavish windows, decks, fire pits? Is there a unique theme or period piece that will set them apart?Think outside the box, gingerbread isn’t just a holiday dough.  It just happens to be a sturdy dough.Watch the video here.
CUPCAKE WARS This is a really fun event involving cupcakes, fondant, royal icing and different kinds of candies, piping bags and spatulas.  It’s intense and fierce, it’s easy bake oven meets corporate strategy session, it’s collaborative and creative.
“It’s not the winning or losing, it’s just the playing that counts.”Watch the video here. Look at photos here.